Young people today face a wide range of challenges. At The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, we want to play our part in helping young people to be ready for their world. Non-formal education and the development of skills such as resilience, confidence and communication can help to ensure every young

person can say I AM #WORLDREADY.


#WORLDREADY is about two things – championing non-formal education and championing young people. Both have huge potential and even more, when combined.


Find out more about the importance of non-formal education and hear about the Award in action, from young people around the world


Learn how you can support the Award and #WORLDREADY, helping even more young people to have the opportunity to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.


Have you done the Award? Read on to find out how you can use your Award experience to showcase how and why you are #WORLDREADY.

Ready for our new world

Kateule Moses

“The DOFE award programme has made me realiased that disability is not inability. I have acquired so many skills such as time management, team work, self control, determination, creativiness and last but not the least critical thinking. I know with these skills l can sustain my life in and outside academic work. To our spornsors we are very greatful for considering our school."git

Musaale Pascalinah

"Am so glad joining this wonderful and amazing life changing programme. “Indeed my life has changed and I have learnt lots of skill such as: time management, team work, perseverance, determination and other survival skills. I know, with the help of our leader Teacher Veronica l will achieve more.” To our sponsors thank you very much for considering our school on this life changing"

Veronica Bwalya

“I believe that every journey beings with a single step. In the beginning the goal might look impossible. Friends and family may discourage but what someone has to do is to ignore their voices and keep moving. At last the goal will be sighted. However, that person is not stronger than the people who used to discourage him or her but the difference is that he or she believed in her or himself.”

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