About Us


The Award is intended to help both the young as well as those who are concerned for their welfare. The objective is to provide an introduction to worthwhile leisure activities and voluntary service, as a challenge to the individuals to discover the satisfaction of achievement and as a guide for those people and organisations who like to encourage the development of their young fellow citizens.

Our Vision

Is for the Award to reach more young people of the upcoming 46.2% population comprising of young people under the age of 14 and 26% comprising of young people in the age group of 15 to 24 years

Our Ambition

Is that every young person aged 14 to 24 in the Zambia and the world should have the opportunity to participate in the Award.

Our Mission

Is to promote the Award, provide young people with their Award programme, and preserve the quality of the Award in Zambia so that the delivery of the Award continues to be relevant to the aspiration of participants.


Richard Thompson

Board Chairperson

Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre


Gurumurthi Mahaderainer

Finance Subcommittee

Printech Ltd


Lalitha Seshamani

Programmes Subcommittee

Italian School of Lusaka

Head of School

Martin Matabishi

Programmes Subcommittee


Contry Manager gfnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sharon Rita Milner

Programmes Subcommittee

Educational consultant gfnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

David Musonda

Board Member

National Youth Development Council

Secretary Council

James Konigfnnnn

Board Member

Atlas Mara


Mwaba Mwila

Training Subcommittee

Mwaba Mwila Adventures

Victor Paa Kwesi Mensah

Board Member

Victor and Victors Management Services Ltd. and Centre for Youth Development Services (C4YDS)


Twaambo Chikoye

Award Secretariat

National Director gfnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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