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Unstoppable Spirit of Kabulonga Boys Secondary School’s Special Unit

In the heart of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, lies Kabulonga Boys Secondary School, with a Special Unit actively participating in the award. They stand as a beacon of resilience and determination. Here, the differently-abled students face unique challenges, yet their spirit remains unwavering. They navigate their academic journey on wheelchairs and crutches demonstrating that their physical limitations do not define their aspirations.

Under the guidance of enthusiastic Award Leaders and supported by the steadfast commitment of the school’s administration, these students wholeheartedly embraced the principles of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The Award program, renowned for its emphasis on personal development, community service, and adventure, proved to be a transformative experience for Kabulonga’s participants. 

Under the guidance of dedicated mentors Kabulonga’s participants engage in community service initiatives, personal skill development, physical activities, and expeditions. As part of the Award, the participants are actively involved in creative arts and computer skills, showcasing their multifaceted talents. Their Award Leader, Gerry Msoni, is committed to guiding them and supporting them at every step of their journey. Wheelchair basketball and amputee football are some of their favorite sports, highlighting their enthusiasm for physical activities and teamwork.

One of the standout moments was their involvement in environmental conservation efforts. On World Environment Day, despite their mobility challenges, Kabulonga’s participants actively contributed to tree-planting initiatives alongside their peers from mainstream schools. Their involvement underscored their commitment to environmental stewardship and inspired admiration from all quarters.

As they continue their journey with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, the students of Kabulonga Special School exemplify the program’s core values of resilience, courage, and personal growth. Their story is a testament to the power of determination and the transformative impact of inclusive education. Their achievements not only showcase their determination but also shatter stereotypes about disability.

Kabulonga Boys Secondary School