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Partnership with Java Foods

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Zambia is proud to announce it’s partnership with Java Foods, Zambia’s leading instant noodle manufacturer, aimed at empowering youth through adventure and innovation. This collaboration seeks to enrich the lives of young Zambians by fostering skills development, leadership, and community service through innovative initiatives.

Introducing eeZee Noodles, a product of Java Foods, designed to accompany adventurers on their journeys of self-discovery. These noodles symbolise the spirit of exploration encouraged by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award’s Adventurous Journey section, where participants engage in transformative experiences guided by dedicated supervisors and assessors.

Participants in the Adventurous Journey section are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, promoting teamwork, decision-making, and resilience. With rigorous training and supervision ensuring safety, participants explore the environment, create lasting memories, and develop newfound confidence.

eeZee Noodles, quick and easy to prepare with hot water, are an ideal choice for outdoor expeditions, addressing the challenges of limited time and resources. Made from 100% locally grown wheat, these noodles provide essential nutrients and energy, supporting adventurers throughout their journeys. Their lightweight, compact packaging makes them convenient for backpacking or camping trips, enhancing the overall outdoor experience by allowing participants to focus on exploration, teamwork, and overcoming challenges.

Founded in 2012 by Ms. Monica Musonda, Java Foods is committed to quality and sustainability, using locally sourced ingredients to ensure nutritional excellence in its products. The company’s flagship product, eeZee Noodles, is renowned for its quality, backed by the prestigious ZABS quality mark.

Together, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Zambia and Java Foods are dedicated to empowering young Zambians through transformative experiences that promote personal growth, leadership skills, and a deeper connection to their communities and environment.

partnership with Java Foods