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Become an Award Centre


Become an award centre

Contribute to developing our next generation of leaders by delivering the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

We know the classroom is not the only place for learning, which is why The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is dedicated to helping young people realise their passions and develop important life skills through a broad range of activities. Through its non-formal learning opportunities and Award Framework, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides a foundation for young people to thrive – now and in the future.

If your organisation brings together young people between the ages of 14 and 24, whether it be as a school, youth centre, employer, or other type of organisation, you can contribute to developing our next generation of leaders by delivering the Award.


There are several advantages to joining the thousands of organisations around the world that deliver The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award as part of more holistic learning experience.

These include:

  • Giving young people the opportunity to participate in a global accredited non-formal education and learning framework.
  • Complementing existing curricular activities to advance learning outcomes.
  • Helping to develop the lives and skills of young people while making a difference in their communities.
  • Providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for staff.
  • Raising the profile of your organisation; attracting more support, applicants, or funding.
  • Becoming part of an international network of Award Operators alongside other leaders, like-minded individuals and organisations.

Become an award centre Your support and services as an Award Centre

As an Award Centre, you ‘ll be supported to deliver the DofE Award at every step with access to a range of resources including:

  • Access to an internationally recognised and accredited Framework
  • Ongoing account management support from a dedicated team
  • Access to a complete suite of online learning materials to support your staff to grow and develop
  • A portfolio of management tools and resources
  • Instructor-led training sessions and face to face and online networking opportunities
  • Membership of a national peer-to-peer discussion forum
  • Use of the Online Record Book – a digital platform for paperless management of the DofE  at your organisation
  • Guidance for in-house annual Award Ceremonies for successful participants at your organisation
  • Opportunities for your participants to attend Gold Award Ceremonies